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John has a core set of values that will guide him as your State Senator.  A commitment to limited government, personal liberty, free enterprise and supporting families.  These values have inspired John to run for Legislature and will be at the core of each vote he takes at the state capitol. 

John also believes that constituents deserve to know specifics, and that politicians often speak to vaguely in order to avoid being held accountable to the people who elect them. 

So, here’s where John stands on the important issues facing Nebraskans:

 Quality Education

 To grow our economy we must focus on preparing every student to  excel in a competitive marketplace.  A 21st Century education, while  incorporating the latest technology and understanding of the  globalized marketplace, must also ensure students are better  prepared to think critically.  We must quit teaching to the test and  focus again on ensuring that the teacher in every classroom has the  tools and time necessary to reach each student.

 Nebraska, and Buffalo County in particular, is blessed with active  parents and engaged communities who support our schools and our  teachers.  State government can do a better job matching this public  support with systems that promote teacher quality and academic  achievement.  Education is a critical component to economic growth;  companies want to expand or relocate to Nebraska because of our  highly educated and talented workforce.  We must ensure we  safeguard this competitive advantage for our state.


Government Spending

Gov. Pete Ricketts’ leadership to rein in state spending growth, in his first legislative session no less, is putting Nebraska on the right path to fiscal sustainability.  This reduction in new spending allowed legislators to cut taxes while continuing investments in core priorities such as K-12 education, transportation infrastructure, public safety and higher education.

Yet, any observer of the last session can attest that leaders in Lincoln can do a better job remembering this is not their money, it’s not the state’s money, it’s taxpayer money.  And each cent comes from someone else’s labor.  Each cent deserves to be spent responsibly and with the utmost respect for where it came from.

As your next State Senator, John will use his experience as a small business owner to find efficiencies in state government, to cut waste, fraud and abuse and find new, innovative ways to provide critical state services while reducing spending.  In less than a year, our new Governor and his team have shown this can be done and John is prepared to work together with colleagues in the Legislature and Executive branch to continue these necessary reforms.



ObamaCare is not working and demonstrates why putting the federal government in charge of healthcare is the wrong approach to meaningful reform.  The last two years have seen remarkable increases in individual premiums in Nebraska.  Small businesses across the state continue to report that the new costs and regulatory burdens from ObamaCare are impeding growth.  This means ObamaCare is preventing local economies from growing, and creating new jobs.  As a state legislator, John will oppose efforts to expand ObamaCare at the state and local level.

More than opposing ObamaCare, we must stand for positive reforms that put patients first.  That is why John supports reforms that reduce health care costs, making health insurance more affordable for more people. 

  • Government, through the tax code, currently favors a system where health insurance accounts are managed through corporations, not individuals.  That is wrong.  We must reform that tax code to give individuals greater ownership of their own health care.
  • We ought to encourage Health Savings Accounts, which give patients greater autonomy in spending decisions regarding the health services unique to their needs. 
  • It is absurd that Americans cannot purchase health insurance across state lines, we must do away with regulations that block Nebraskans’ access to the best insurance coverage at the lowest price. 
  • Support market-based reforms that give more decision rights to patients and health care providers and limit the role of government bureaucrats.
  • Create transparency in the healthcare market.  Consumers cannot make informed decisions about their care unless providers offer clear, transparent information regarding comparative costs.


Defending Religious Freedom

President Obama has taken the Little Sisters of the Poor to federal court.  A group of Americans who have devoted their life to serving others; out of a duty to love their neighbors are being forced to defend their constitutional rights against an Obama Administration seeking its own liberal agenda at the expense of our civil liberties.  This is not only a threat to the essence of the American experience, but a threat to the rights endowed to all men and women by our Creator.  As a state legislator, John would work with Gov. Pete Ricketts and Attorney General Doug Peterson to protect the religious freedom of all Nebraskans and to push back on an out-of-control federal government.


Keeping Nebraskans Safe

The greatest duty of government is to promote the safety and welfare of the people.  That is why John will work with local leaders in law enforcement and the criminal justice system to ensure they have the support necessary to keep our community safe.  This includes working to ensure the Death Penalty is a viable option to deter criminal activity, promote justice and ensure the most heinous crimes receive a just punishment.


Transportation Infrastructure

To grow our economy we must invest in infrastrure repair and expansion.  John supports Gov. Ricketts and the Legislature’s efforts to create an infrastructure bank that will expediate transportation construction projects across the state in a more efficient manner without raising taxes. 

We must find new, innovative ways to fund our state’s critical priorities.  This is why John supports former State Senator, now U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer’s approach to transportation funding.  Sen. Fischer’s efforts as a State Senator, required that a percentage of the state’s sales tax revenue went to transportation projects, thus ensuring Nebraska will have a robust transportation infrastructure in the future.  All without increasing taxes.  This is the type of innovative approach that prioritizes current spending that John will support as a State Senator.



Nebraska’s tax burden is much too high.  The non-partisan Tax Foundation ranks Nebraska’s property tax burden as one of the highest in the nation; while our state income and sales tax rates continue to have a cumulative effect of branding Nebraska as a ‘high tax’ state.

To compete for new investments to grow Nebraska and create good-paying jobs, we must shred our ‘high tax’ status.  This will require reducing spending, identifying priorities, and finding new ways to provide the services Nebraskans expect from their government. 

Businesses must continually re-evaluate their business models, find new ways to connect with customers and innovate their products and services.  If they don’t, they’re not successful.  Government must embrace the same mindset.  If we do not innovate, if we simply continue to follow the status quo, we will miss out of new opportunities to grow our state.


Culture and Family Life

John is committed to defending the culture of life in Nebraska.  As a committed Christian, John believes that all life is a gift and believes society must respect the dignity of every person, regardless of race, gender, station, color or creed.  John believes that strong families are the bedrock of a free and fair society.

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