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About John

John Lowe is a native Kearneyite who, with his family, has grown the family business of residential, commercial and farm real estate.  John has also opened several small family businesses and created good-paying jobs in our community.  Currently as the owner of The Platte Valley, John as spent the last year creating another family business and has seen firsthand the impact of high taxes and government regulation and how it’s prevented our economy from growing.  A primary reason John is running for Legislature is to address our growing tax and regulatory burden head-on so that more entrepreneurs can either start or grow a business right here in Buffalo County.  

John believes Nebraska is well positioned to succeed in the 21st Century economy; our cost-  of-living is low, our workforce is well educated  with a strong work ethic, we have ease of access  to multiple transportation systems and we have  a quality-of-life that is second to none.  Now our  state must take the next step, with the  leadership of Gov. Ricketts the Legislature must  address Nebraska’s crushing tax burden. 

 With property tax rates that rival  Massachusetts, and a combined state and local tax burden that rates in the Top 10 nationally, that’s simply not the type of company Nebraska wants to keep.  Our state has the natural resources, the homegrown talent and culture to succeed but we must get out of our own way.  John has the commitment and experience to actually go to Lincoln and work with legislators and Gov. Ricketts to cut taxes while responsibly funding our state’s priorities.

As a graduate of Kearney High School whose family attends Prince of Peace Catholic Church, John believes in the role faith plays in loving families and strong communities.  John will defend the religious liberties of all Nebraskans and work to uphold the constitutional rights to conscience and the free exercise of religion.  John’s personal values and faith are guiding principles and are why he believes strongly in the dignity of every person. 

This is why John favors policies that will grow our economy and create jobs; so each Nebraskan can provide for themselves and their family.  John believes every student should have access to a quality education, nurturing their God-given talents so each child can succeed in the 21st Century.  Faith also guides John’s commitment to defending the most vulnerable among us; whether that be the sick, the elderly or the infant in the womb.  As your state senator, John will work to show that conservative principles work and will do the most good for all Nebraskans.

John’s commitment to supporting vulnerable Nebraskans includes supporting the victims of crime and working with county prosecutors, local law enforcement and criminal justice officials to keep Buffalo County safe.  A priority for John will be working with Nebraskans across the state to preserve the Death Penalty as a viable tool to deter violent crime and seek justice for victims and their families.

As a lifelong resident of Buffalo County, John knows the role of agriculture not only to our economy, but to the ethos of our state.  Nebraskans are a caring, hardworking and self-determined people because of our agricultural heritage.  Whether someone lives in town or in the rural part of our state, we must always value and preserve our rich agricultural history.  We also must defend the rights of Ag producers from an ever-intrusive federal government because our state’s livelihood is in the balance.  The Ag sector is by far the largest sector of our economy and drives our state’s economic health.  Nebraska must promote agriculture as a noble and economically sustainable industry.

John has been married to Kim Lowe for 24 years and together they have three boys; John, Robert and Patrick who all graduated from Kearney Catholic High School and now attend college in Nebraska.  A member of Kearney’s Planning Commission, John is well-versed in the development needs of the community.  John has volunteered with the Boy Scouts, Shriners, and formerly was Buffalo County Chair for Gov. Ricketts’ 2014 campaign.

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